Republic of Business

Crypto-Сapital Bank

Collegial monetary authority. Major functions: issuing and founding activities, activities in investment strategy of the CCB, arrangement for B2C crypto-currency asset issue, regulation of the CCB financial turnover

Bi2Coin digital cryptocurrency asset

data replication in servers network fixed issuing volumes open financial analysis of the coin transactions with block time
  • Issuing and token sale:

  • token volume for the token sale launch (ICO) is 6 million
  • preliminary market launch - 06.02.2018
  • token price from the beginning of the sale - 10,21$
  • issuing volume for interest payment in the course of the coin operation in programs and partner awards amounts within the network is 3 million
  • B2C coin denomination:

  • growth stability at selling every 100 thousand coins by 1-3%
  • operation mechanism of investment and banking programs in Crypto-Capital Bank
  • internal stock market and exchange
  • three types of affiliate program, passive income at each transaction with B2C

Programs of Crypto-Capital Bank

  • Invest:
  • portfolio open monitoring
  • diversification – spectrum and class
  • individual selection of programs
  • insurance of each fraction of portfolio
  • offer term from 30 calendar days
  • amount for working in the program — from $10 at the current exchange rate of Bi2Coin
  • average income financial flow from 1.3% per day
  • Bank:
  • short-term depository
  • fixed percentage
  • income management
  • transaction reliability
  • offer term from 7 calendar days
  • amount for working in the program — from $10 at the current exchange rate of Bi2Coin
  • yield from 0.5% per day depending on the deposit period
  • Clearing and settlement system:
  • instant exchange
  • arrangement of cash settlements as to transactions
  • yield spectral market
  • stock market trading safety
  • ensuring target profitability
  • netting of the trade participants' positions
  • computing clearing house
  • ensuring guarantees of transactions execution
Estimate financial flow

Affiliate program

The key aspect of business information and financial interaction of the Partners. Getting income from three types of Affiliate programs simultaneously

Bi2Coin digital coin

Investment and Banking programs

Marketing and active participation in business strategy construction

Project roadmap

October 2016 Legal formalization of Crypto Capital LTD and Cod Coin LTD
November 2016 Strategic management, risk management department, has been created
December 2016 The policy of systems interaction with Bi2Coin digital asset has been developed
February 2017 A distributed database and a replication mechanism have been developed
March 2017 Decentralized system of blockchain processing — — has been approved
April 2017 Websites and the coin’s financial monitoring have been developed
May 2017 The process of issuing the Bi2Coin coin by the method of accelerated emission has been finished
August 2017 Investment and Banking programs have been developed, work with the Bi2Coin asset
September 2017 The volume of ICO (sales) and coins for program operation has been approved
November 2017 A clearing and settlement system has been developed
December 2017 The process of "Asset Insurance Fund" program implementation has been finished
January 2018 The process of ensuring the security of the Personal account and the Service (Antispam, Google identifier) has been finished
January 2018 The service adaptation to operation on mobile devices has been finished, multilanguage has been introduced
February 2018 Start of the ICO, marker-share (IPO) integration with Bi2Coin, opening the programs for working with the asset
March 2018 Legal registration of the Joint Stock Company, issue of shares according to the marker-share IPO against the Bi2Coin issuing volume
April 2018 Backing the issuing volume of Bi2Coin with mandatory reserves – shares
June 2018 Beginning of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) procedure to include Bi2Coin shares into the listing of world stock market exchanges
July 2018 Development of individual online banking to work with Bi2Coin digital currency
September 2018 Ensuring client's access to fiat payment systems all over the world
October 2018 Development of an open API for the business on the Internet
November 2018 Access to work for legal entities and counterparties in real time
December 2018 Elaboration of an operation plan for 2019-2020 and updating the Project roadmap